Animal Attack (Ability)

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Ability - Animal Attack

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/animalAttack <target>: This ability allows a Jedi to enter the mind of his or her look-at target and cause it to attack the current combat target. Note that this ability will only work on creatures.

Command: /animalAttack
CommandQueue Entry: animalattack (A7E89355)

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Ability Breakdown & Details

Animal Attack is an awesome ability. You can use it to turn any creature against your current combat target (the one you're actively engaged with), even if that creature is currently attacking you! Also, it can be used on as many creatures at a time as you want.

Ability Flow

<graphviz> digraph G {

       rankdir = LR;
       node [shape=record, width=.2, height=.2];
       node [width=1];
       node1 [color="#929292", label = "Step 01", style="bold", fontname="arial", 

fontcolor="#929292", URL="Test101"];

       node2 [color="orange", label = "Step 02", style="bold", fontname="arial", 

fontcolor="#458CAF", URL="Test102"];

       node3 [color="orange", label = "Step 03", style="bold", fontname="arial", 

fontcolor="#458CAF", URL="Test101"];

       node1 -> node2:w [color="#929292"];
       node2:w -> node3:e [color="#515FCA", constraint=false];

} </graphviz>

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message
animal_attack_fail /string/en/ jedi_spam.stf internal_command_string You fail to enrage your target.
animal_attack_success /string/en/ jedi_spam.stf internal_command_string You successfully enrage your target.

SUI Prompt

Combat Chat Spam

Fly Text


  • 1 + 1 = 3
  • 2 - 2 + 2 = 3

Source References

Source Source in Context
Prima Guide somelink1 Source1

Ability HAM Costs

Modifier Value
Health Cost 0
Action Cost 0
Mind Cost 0
Force Cost 150

Ability Multipliers

Modifier Value
Health cost 0
Action cost 0
Mind cost 0
Force cost 0
Damage 0
Delay Time 4