Animal Scare (Ability)

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Ability - Animal Scare

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/animalScare <target>: This ability allows a Jedi to enter the mind of the target and fill it with unease, scaring the target away. Note that this ability will only work on creatures.

Command: /animalScare
CommandQueue Entry: animalscare (E001C174)

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Ability Breakdown & Details

This will cause a target to immediately take flight from the jedi.

Animal scare makes the targeted creature run 100 meters off in the opposite direction , and you can peace it at that distance.

Ability Flow

<graphviz> digraph G {

       rankdir = LR;
       node [shape=record, width=.2, height=.2];
       node [width=1];
       node1 [color="#929292", label = "Step 01", style="bold", fontname="arial", 

fontcolor="#929292", URL="Test101"];

       node2 [color="orange", label = "Step 02", style="bold", fontname="arial", 

fontcolor="#458CAF", URL="Test102"];

       node3 [color="orange", label = "Step 03", style="bold", fontname="arial", 

fontcolor="#458CAF", URL="Test101"];

       node1 -> node2:w [color="#929292"];
       node2:w -> node3:e [color="#515FCA", constraint=false];

} </graphviz>

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message
animal_scare_fail /string/en/ jedi_spam.stf internal_command_string You fail to scare your target.
animal_scare_success /string/en/ jedi_spam.stf internal_command_string You successfully scare your target.

SUI Prompt

Combat Chat Spam

Fly Text


  • 1 + 1 = 3
  • 2 - 2 + 2 = 3

Source References

Source Source in Context
Prima Guide somelink1 Source1

Ability HAM Costs

Modifier Value
Health Cost 0
Action Cost 0
Mind Cost 0
Force Cost 200

Ability Multipliers

Modifier Value
Health cost 0
Action cost 0
Mind cost 0
Force cost 0
Damage 0
Delay Time 4