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(Camp Status Menu Name)
(Camp Status Menu Name)
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== System Messages ==
== System Messages ==
== Camp Status Menu Name ==
{| align="center"
{| class="anhsmalltable"
|- align="center" style="background-color:#ffffcc;"
|- align="center"
||abandoned_camp||/string/en/||camp.stf||internal_command_string||Abandoned Camp||||[[Camp Status Menu Name 1 (Example)|Example]]
|- align="center"
||basic_name||/string/en/||camp.stf||internal_command_string||Basic Camp||||[[Camp Status Menu Name 2 (Example)|Example]]
|- align="center"
||improved_name||/string/en/||camp.stf||internal_command_string||Improved Camp||||[[Camp Status Menu Name 3 (Example)|Example]]
|- align="center"
||quality_name||/string/en/||camp.stf||internal_command_string||Quality Camp||||[[Camp Status Menu Name 4 (Example)|Example]]
|- align="center"
||elite_name||/string/en/||camp.stf||internal_command_string||Elite Camp||||[[Camp Status Menu Name 5 (Example)|Example]]
|- align="center"
||luxury_name||/string/en/||camp.stf||internal_command_string||Luxury Camp||||[[Camp Status Menu Name 6 (Example)|Example]]

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Skill Modifier - Camping

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A higher camping skill allows the use of increasingly complex camp kits.

Types of Camps

Basic Camp Kit
Improved Camp Kit
High Quality Camp Kit
Field Base Camp Kit
High Tech Field Base Camp Kit
Camp Status Window Note: this is CU version but should be similar

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Skill Modifier This document is relates to a Skill Modifier.

Enhanced Reflexes This document is related to the Enhanced Reflexes Profession.

Scout This document is related to the Scout Profession.

Ranger This document is related to the Ranger Profession.

System Messages

SUI Prompts

Radial Menus

Camp Status Menu Tile

Skill Mod Details


Camps are one use items and once used will stay up for 60 minutes before becoming abandoned. Alternatively, players may use the camp terminal pad to manually disband a camp or check the camps' current up time status to see how long it has been placed, who created it, the medical rating, and to check number of visitors. Players can actually leave the camp and travel a short distance way without it becoming abandoned as long as you follow two rules: 1) you must have spent longer time in camp than away from it and 2) you can not enter combat.If the player engages in combat, a camp automatically disbands. Once a camp becomes abandoned (for whatever reason) the player will no longer recieve experience from it and will despawn from the world within 2 minutes. To use a camp, a player may click on the camp in their inventory and use the deploy option on the radial or place the item on their hot bar. A camp must be outside of a city's municipal zone before it can be deployed (just like structures). Players are limited to only being able to deploy one camp at a time. They may deploy another camp as soon as the first one has been abandoned.

The camping modifier controls the player's ability to place and construct camps. A higher modifier allows a player to use and construct more complex camps although it has no purpose beyond 100 skill. A player can use a camp that is one skill block level higher than their current camping level. Note; this is probably like the trapping modifier where players can use camps if they are within a certain range of the level that allows them to create that camp, i.e survival 1 scout with +10 camping mod can use the Multipurpose camp that is at the +20 modifier as the player with survival 1 is within +10 of the schematic.

Camps offer the following abilities to players:

1. Able to instantly call out a pet and by pass the 15 second call timer.
2. Able to use wound healing/buff packs on pets, players or self.
3. Able to use entertainment abilities to heal player wounds (but not bf)
4. Auto heals ham pool wounds over a long period of time.
5. Use public crafting stations
6. Requisition GCW items through special camp menus.

Camp Controls

Camps are operated by a small datapad object within the camp. This is the camp status terminal. Using this brings up a radials for "camp status', 'Disband', and an additional radial option called 'Requisition Goods if the camp is a field base or high tech field base, .' Camp status will display information about the camp such as who the owner is, how long it has been up, total visitors, current visitors, and the medical rating. The disband option will force a camp to become abandoned. Requisition Goods radial will lead the user to a menu to select faction perk items (the player must be overt for this radial to even show up). The player will be able to choose from the menus Requisiton Weapons and Requisition Installations.


Ways to earn Wilderness Survival experience

1. Healing players (wounds or ham damage)
2. Number of visitors
3. Length of time the camp stays up
4. Crafting camps

Survival experience is given based on the number and how long players stay in the camp, as well as how much healing takes place. Additionally a player may recieve survival experience from crafting camps. The experience value from crafting the camp will be converted to survival experience. To get the experience per tick for players staying in the camp, the players must stay in the camp long enough to be counted. Experience gained is measured in a series of ticks with 2 second intervals that check all actions and visitors that go through the camp during this time. The camp must be down for at least one minute for the player to recieve any experience. The player gets a point of experience for 2 seconds a unique visitor stays in the camp, a point for every wound healed (wounds healed from regeneration in the camp itself count towards this experience as well ) and a point for every damaged healed. The player who set the camp counts as 1 visitor.

The following values are the maximum experience possible for each camp type.

Basic Camp: 360
Multiperson Camp: 640.
Improved Camp: 800.
High Quality Camp: 1000.
Field Base: 1100.
High Tech Field Base: 1250. 

Healing Rates

Camps in both scout and ranger offer the ability to heal ham pool damage at a faster than normal rate, and also the ability to heal wounds without the use of medic/entertainer skills. Camps of all types are given medical ratings, with the same concept as those used in npc/player cities. These medical ratings help facilitate healing actions by providing the 'environment' factor to those actions. The medical rating is listed in the camp's information data pad along with the various other camp stats. Ham pool damage regenerates inside a camp at an increased rate based on the camp medical rating. Camp ratings range from 0.65, 0.75, 0.85, 0.95 and up to 1.0 medical ratings. These values mean that ham regenerates at a 65%, 75%, 85%, 95%,100% increased rate, depending on what type of camp you enter. Wound healing tick rates between all camps are 10 to all stats per every 5 minutes. As far as entertainers go, they may perform in camps and heal mind wounds of players, but battlefatigue healing will not work. BF healing is intended to be done only in player structures, hotels, or cantinas.

Another particular note about camps are the way they worked with droid medical rating and healing damage/wounds.

In the live game, camp medical rating over-rides the droid medical rating forcing players to have to heal outside the camp. Under ordinary circumstance, if a player heals wounds or damage in a camp, their healing effectiveness would be dependent on the medical rating of the camp. Medical ratings less than 1.0 reduced damage and wound healing effectiveness by a percentage that was based off of the rating itself. 0.65 rating would mean heals are only performing at 65% of their listed value. A rating of 1.0 mean heals are performing 100% of their listed value, and a rating of 1.10 means heals are doing 110% of their listed value (10% bonus). It was actually disadvantagous to heal within a camp or use lower medical rating droids. This had the effect of lessoning the value of camping by adding on such tedious factors. It is proposed that this aspect be changed so that the highest availible environment rating overrides tthe other, whether it be a droid's rating overriding the camp or the camp rating overriding the droid if the droid is the lowest. The camp medical rating break down is as follows:

1. Basic Camp                 0.65
2. Multi Person Camp          0.65
3. Improved Camp              0.75
4. High Quality Camp Kit      0.85
5. Field Base Kit             0.95
6. High Tech Field Base Kit   1.00

Special Features

1. Planet Map Display for field base and high tech field bases
2. Purchase Faction items
3. Crafting stations for high level ranger camps

Two types of camps offer public crafting stations. These are the field base camp kits and the high tech field base kits. The field base camps are given a public level chemical/food crafting station where as the high tech field base is given both a chemical/food crafting station and a general/weapon crafting station. Another feature that is unique to the field base and high tech field base is that if a player is Overt/special forces and places a Field Base or High Tech Field Base, they will automatically register on the Planetary Map. The camp is visible on the planetary map: rebel under Rebels/Camp category or Imperial/Camp category. The Overt player and other overt same faction members can requisition faction items and installations (though not NPC personnel nor droids) from the camp display. Faction items purchased at a camp seem to have been given a 1.5 x bonus cost to buy them (not sure if this is intentional or a bug). The items can be purchased using the same radial menu used to disband the camp. Players can requisition from two different categories

  • Items. These are weapons and armor.
  • Structures. These are the cool deployables like Faction Scanners, Turrets, Minefield and the Headquarters.

Creature Repellant

This feature was never implemented for camps, but was a widely advertised by the developers and a belief held by the community that camps on the live servers would deter creatures from attacking players who were inside them. This detterance factor would be a modifier applied to camps upon crafting, possibly experimentable or maybe an innate modifier that would increase with higher level camps. Perhaps we can add something similar to this with restrictions that the camp only offers protection when the player or group is not in combat.

System Messages


Experience rates are

1 point of exp every 2 seconds for every unique visitor inside a camp.

1 point of exp for every point of wound healed

1 point of exp for every point of ham damage healed

Healing rates are

10 wounds healed to all stats every 5 minutes.

Faction Item Cost rates in camps are 1.5 times the cost to purchase the items from a recruiter.


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