Caught Something Event (Game Messages)

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Caught Something Event (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
fs_caught /string/en/ fishing.stf internal_command_string CAUGHT SOMETHING?! Message sent to the player when they have initiated the Caught Something event. Example
fs_loot /string/en/ fishing.stf internal_command_string CAUGHT SOMETHING?! (Unknown)

lost_bait /string/en/ fishing.stf internal_command_string Shucks... you lost your bait... This is the message given to a player whenever bait is lost. Bait loss doesnt occur at the start of a Caught Something event, however at any point in time after the caught something event has started, the catch can be lost and when a catch is lost, this message will be displayed. Example