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||{{Game Messages}}
||{{Game Messages}}

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Game Messages - Message Category

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Droid Customization Kit SUI Prompt 2 (Game Messages)

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100% This document is complete.

Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Title Description Button Notes Examples
cancel /string/en/ ui.stf internal_command_string Cancel Notes Example
ok /string/en/ ui.stf internal_command_string Ok Patch 14 Example
revert /string/en/ ui.stf internal_command_string Revert Patch 14 Example

The header for the SUI is simply listed as, "Star Wars Galaxies"
The droid trim customization uses a palette file depending on the type of droid being customized.

For example: patch_00.tre/palette/astromech.pal, patch_00.tre/palette/astromech_body.pal, etc.