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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Game Mechanics

In this section, I cover all of the Droid Engineer schematics and what lines need to be experimented on. This Section covers only experimentation and how it will effect droid production. I have included my own personal suggestions in each part of this section, however they are only my personal suggestions that I make based upon my own experiences with the droid crafting system. Before I break down each module, component, and subcomponent, I want to point out that as a general rule, Durability experimentation does not appear to have an effect. This appears to be the case 99% of the time, with Stimpack Dispenser Modules being the exception to this rule. The following should also be noted -

  • Any item with a # at the end of the entry denotes that any parts used in its creation can be of any quality. This would include the Electronic Chips for the Adv Droid Brain, of a Control Unit of an Adv Droid Motive System.
  • Any item with a % at the end of the entry denotes that only the modules, not the components used, must be of quality, where dictated by this section.

Example - The Droid Brain, used in the creation of Combat-Capable Socket Cluster does not have to be of quality, however the Stimpack Dispenser Module does require that it be of quality, since it is listed as such in this Section.

Note On Mechanism Quality

Mechanism Quality is the rating associated with all droid components. Mechanism Quality can range from -15 to +15 and is dependent upon the Experimental Effectiveness line for almost all of the Droid Components. Mechanism Quality is theorized to affect the success rate of a droid build, however with a higher Mechanism Quality also comes a higher Complexity rating. No definitive answer can be found as to what effect the Mechanism Quality rating does for a Droid Engineer.

Personally, I normally will not bother with the Mechanism Quality rating of a component, unless it also affects another quality, such as the case of the Level based modules. When making factory runs, I will experiment on the schematic item until it has a rating above 0.

Item Categories

1. Droid Misc Components
2. Droid Chassis
3. Droid Personality Chips
4. Cluster Modules
5. Standard Modules
6. Droid Crafting Station Modules
7. Level Based Modules
8. Utility Modules
9. Player Crafted Droid Deeds
10. Player Crafted Droid Models
11. Flight Computers
12. Droid Kits
13. Droid Kit Components
14. Droid Misc Items
15. Non Droid Engineer Components
16. Droid Engineer Decorative Item Crafting

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