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* Issuing Taunts
* Issuing Taunts
* Distance of attacker from the mob
* Distance of attacker from the mob
* Challenge level of the attacker
==Source References==
==Source References==

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Game Mechanics

When a creature or npc has been engaged initially, it's target will be whatever engaged it. After a creature or npc has been engaged, a hate list is created to determine which target the creature will attack that is based on a number of factors including:

  • Which attacker did the most damage during the previous round of combat.
  • The distance of the attacker; being closer means the target will generate more aggression than a target attacking from further out
  • The challenge level of the attacker; a lower CL attacker is a higher priority target

For example if a player gets within aggression range of a creature/npc and the mob is coming to it and another player attacks the creature before it reaches them, then the creature will stop aggro on the player and begin attacking the player that attacked it since the original player target has not done any damage to it.

Note: We can probably tinker with this a bit and include a more extensive hate list mechanic if need be such as adding in healing aggression generation and other checks such as damage over time threats.

Note: I propose that we have a hate list cycle of 10 or 30 seconds where at each cycle, the actions taken by players during that period are reviewed and the creature will react based on the player that has taken the greatest amount of hate generating actions overall.

Hate List Events

These are some variables that we could potentially use to generate aggression from a creature:

  • Healing Damage
  • Healing Wounds
  • Curing States
  • Curing Disease
  • Curing Poison
  • Resurrecting Players
  • Inflicting Damage
  • Inflicting States
  • Issuing Taunts
  • Distance of attacker from the mob
  • Challenge level of the attacker

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