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(Tangible Objects)
(Tangible Objects)
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||0x0001400000000000||351843720888320||0x00014FFFFFFFFFFF||369435906932735||Survey Tools
||0x0001400000000000||351843720888320||0x00014FFFFFFFFFFF||369435906932735||Survey Tools
|- align="center"  
|- align="center"  
||0x0001500000000000||4509097185509376||0x00015FFFFFFFFFFF||4774079487803391||Travel Tickets
|- align="center" style="background-color:#F1F1F1;"
|- align="center" style="background-color:#F1F1F1;"

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All ids are 64bit values, first 4 bytes determine category, last 4 is the objects id


0x00000000 -         // static objects, currently used(buildings,cells,terminals,chairs,bazzar,..)
0x00000000000C3500 // Additional Planets Static Buildings START
0x00000001           // travel terminals and for future expansion (LAST ID USED --> 4294967567)


   0x000000010xxxxxxx  // terminals
   0x000000011xxxxxxx  // ticket collectors (DONE!)
   0x000000012xxxxxxx  // crafting stations

0x00000002 -         // characters, todo: see how much to reserve for each(increment)

0x00000004 -         // player vendors

0x00000007 -         // player mounts

0x00000009 -         // player ships

0x0000000B           // static npcs(trainers,junk vendors)


   0x0000000B0xxxxxxx  // trainers, increment by  2(object,inventory)
   0x0000000B1xxxxxxx  // filler NPCs, increment by 2(object,inventory)
   0x0000000B2xxxxxxx  // shuttles, increment by 2(object,inventory)
   0x0000000B3xxxxxxx  // junk vendors, increment by 2(object,inventory)

0x0000000C           // guilds

0x0000000D -         // mails

0x0000000F           // unused

0x00000010 -         // missions

0x0000001b -         // quests, todo: check, probably those are fixed ids

0x00000020 -         // waypoints

0x00000030 -         // auctions

0x00000100           // resource containers

0x00000200           // resources

0x00000201 -         // dynamic structures(buildings,cells)

   0x00000201xxxxxxxx    // tutorial stations

0x00001000           // lairs

0x00001001 -         // dynamic npc

0x00002000 -         // space objects(jtl)

0x00010000 -         // tangible objects(items)

Tangible Objects

Tangible Objects
StartID (hex) StartID (Dec) End ID (hex) EndID (Dec) Class
0x0001000000000000 281474976710656 0x00010FFFFFFFFFFF 299067162755071 Wearables
0x0001100000000000 299067162755072 0x00011FFFFFFFFFFF 316659348799487 Foods
0x0001200000000000 316659348799488 0x00012FFFFFFFFFFF 334251534843903 Furniture
0x0001300000000000 334251534843904 0x00013FFFFFFFFFFF 351843720888319 Crafting Tools
0x0001400000000000 351843720888320 0x00014FFFFFFFFFFF 369435906932735 Survey Tools
0x0001500000000000 4509097185509376 0x00015FFFFFFFFFFF 4774079487803391 Travel Tickets
0x0001600000000000 -- 0x00016FFFFFFFFFFF -- Free
0x0001700000000000 -- 0x00017FFFFFFFFFFF -- Free
0x0001800000000000 -- 0x00018FFFFFFFFFFF -- Free
0x0001900000000000 -- 0x00019FFFFFFFFFFF -- Free
0x0001A00000000000 -- 0x0001AFFFFFFFFFFF -- Free


0x00100000           // persistent chatrooms
0x00100001           // temporary chatrooms(groups)
0x00100002           // guild chatrooms
0x00100003           // other user chatrooms

0xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX    // draft schematics, first for byte of the id are the crc of the schematicobject, so they shouldnt be smaller than 0x0xxxxxxx
, last 4 byte represent the linked resourceweights batch

object ids:

on static objects:

category 0x00000000

- starts with 2
- inrement by 1, e.g. by 1 + cellcount for structures

Most are already ripped from the snapshots, you can find em in the static_objects tables.
So there are big holes, probably need to fill up that stuff with ids for chairs and other stuff from the ilf files.
Unfortunately those arent id'd and so can only be identified by their position.

category 0x00000001

- start with 1
- inrement by 1, e.g. by 1 + cellcount for structures

To sum it up.

Use linear id'ing for: static_objects,characters,vendors,trainers,mounts,ships,static npc,guilds,mails,
draft schematics,resources,skills,player structures,chatrooms

use random number id'ing for missions,auctions,lairs,dynamic npc,items,

On Character/NPC id'ing, from what i understand right now, plz correct me.

1. the character id would be the creature object id, so the main objects id, which we send with createobject().
2. with a containment msg this creature object is put into a player object, which id, lets say
   is a fixed offset from that creatureobject id
3. from there on we send updates to the client, creature specific(CREOs), referencing this creatureobject id and
   player specific(PLAYs), referencing the offset player id
4. procedure would be the same for npc
5. non npc -> creatures, dont need PLAY updates
6. we have an inventory object, which is set off from the creatureobject id
7. we have a mission_bag object, which is set off from the creatureobject id
8. we have a weaponslot object, which is set off from the creatureobject id
9. we have a hair object which is set off from the creatureobject id

On Object <-> cell linking

Currently it seems, we only need to send a containment msg when we want to load in to a cell.
The linked id would be the creatureobject id. Linktype would be 0xffffffff.
No containment msgs are sent, when entering/leaving a cell while in game
So this needs further testing..