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Client Packet - LoginClientID (41131F96)

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SHORT Operand
INT Opcode
A_STRING Password
A_STRING Version

Variable Descriptions

Operand_Count = 4

Opcode = 41131F96

  • UserName:

The string of the UserName Authenticating. This is equivalent to StationName.

  • Password:

The Password to use for Authenticating. (Note: This may eventually become a password hash instead for security.)

  • Version:
||Patch 12.1||"20041215-19:26"||
||Patch 13.0||"20050125-12:19"||

Note: Version_String may later be replaced with a new value. This will help distinguish the patched/modded version from SOE's 12.1/13.0


C→S This packet originates on the client.

100% This packet has been completely reversed.

Sample Packet

Insert Sample Packet Here...