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Server Packet - LoginEnumCluster

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SHORT Operand_Count
INT Opcode
INT ServerCount

<servers count=Server_Count>

INT ServerID
A_STRING ServerName
INT Distance


INT MaxCharsPerAccount

Variable Descriptions

Opperand_Count = 3

Opcode = C11C63B9

  • ServerCount:
Total number of servers to list.
  • ServerID:
ID number of the server. must be greater than 1 (2+ )
  • ServerName:
Ascii string of the galaxy's name.
  • MaxCharsPerAccount:
Maximum number of characters allowed per account. Default is 8.
TODO: Someone test this to see if it stops querying char create at 8, or w/e this value is set as.
  • Distance
D = 3600 * GMTOffset
GMTOffset is the the Offset of GMT time the server is located at. PST = -8, MST = -7 CST = -6, EST = -5


S→C This packet originates on the server.

100% This packet has been completely reversed.

Sample Packet

Insert Sample Packet Here...