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System Messages

SUI Prompts

Radial Menus

Game Mechanics

There are 4 general commands available to players as they are playing instruments:

  • /startmusic
  • /stopmusic
  • /pausemusic
  • /changemusic


When you begin to play, your most basic command is /startmusic. This will bring up music playlist window that gives you a list of the songs you currently know. You must have your instrument equipped before you may begin playing music. To start a song without the window, type in /startmusic + the song name, for example: /startmusic starwars1


To stop playing music the command is /stopmusic After a player stops performing, they have to wait 8 seconds before being able to begin performing again.


The pausemusic command will stop the sound of the player, but the player is able to still continue playing/gaining exp.If the player uses this while grouped it just means that their instrument is removed from the group track. If the entertainer is listened to indvidually, the patron hears nothing, but can still watch/be healed and such. The command is queued as if it were a flourish so it only executes when it comes up in the queue. When it is executed the silence will last for 10 seconds.


You can switch from one song to another using the "/changemusic [song name]" command (when playing alone). You can leave off the song name, and it will prompt you with a song list. Example : /changemusic starwars1

Music Playlist

Using Instruments

There are two kinds of instruments available to a player; A handheld instrument and a stationary instrument. Hand held instruments are those that the player can equip on their body and play. Stationary instruments are objects that are placed into the game world and cannot be moved except to retrieve. To use a handheld instrument a player must first left click the instrument in their inventory and select the Use radial option. When this is done, the instrument is equipped by the player. Any currently equipped item using that slot will be unequipped, and vice versa. The player is now allowed to issue startmusic and also be receptive to band commands.

In order to use a stationary instrument, the player must use the radial option on the instrument and select the Use option. This will spawn the object into the game world. Players do not need container permissions enabled to place instruments. When the instrument is placed, the player must then select the instrument and issue the Play Instrument radial option. Stationary instruments can only be played if the player has the object targeted in their target reticle (not combat reticle). The instrument may also start playing if the player double clicks it. Instruments do not become targeted automatically if the player uses the Play Instrument radial menu therefore the player must actually click on the instrument. Furthermore, players cannot have an object equipped that would normally take up a musical instrument slot such as another instrument or weapon. The player's hands must be completely free in order to begin using stationary instruments. Once the instrument has been targeted, and Play Instrument radial has been used, the music selection SUI window will display. The player can then choose their music to play and may continue playing a song using this instrument provided that they keep it targeted. If they leave the instrument untargeted for 8 seconds, they will trigger the song to prepare to stop playing. After another 7 seconds the player will stop playing music all together.

Note: Stationary Instruments can be used so long as they are in the game world and the player has permission to use that object such as an instrument dropped in a structure to which they have administrative rights to. The player does not actually have to own the object or have it in their inventory in order to play it.


After you begin playing, you will be able to flourish your avatar, causing him or her to do various moves in the performance as well as changing the song's sound. There are eight possible flourishes per song. You may flourish by using the command /flourish and choosing a number of 1-8. (e.g. /flourish 5) Flourishes use action points when executed.

Action costs for music and dancing abilities varies according to the song or dance played and instrument used. When playing music without using flourishes, a base amount of action points are used per tick. This base is affected by the player's action secondaries. When doing a flourish with any music ability the action drain for this is (base / 2). Dancing also uses a base amount of action however its flourish costs are (basecost x 2) per flourish.

You can stack flourishes and the action costs will be issued, but the flourishes wont execute until they finish animating in the queue.

Executing a Flourish
Spatial Log


Queuing in entertainer differs from combat queuing in that there is a preset limit to the amount of total commands that will be stored to execute. For music, the server will store up to 5 flourishes for execution. Any more flourishes performed by the player will simply use action but not be added to the queue.

For dancing, there is no possible queue. Dance flourishes are executed immediately. What this means however is that a dance flourish must fully execute and complete the duration before another flourish can be attempted. Once executed the performance will go back to the base dance unless the player immediately performs another flourish.

Audience Commands

All patrons who listen, and, or watch performers will get their Battle Fatigue and mind wounds healed. The following commands are available to players who wish to interact with performing entertainers:

  • /listen  :Start listening to your current target
  • /listen playerName  :Start listening to the designated player
  • /stoplistening  :Stop listening to an entertainer

  • /watch  :Start watching your current target
  • /watch playerName  :Start watching the designated player
  • /stopwatching  :Stop watching an entertainer

Players may alternatively use the Listen, Stop Listen, Watch, and Stop Watch radial options that appear on the entertainer in order to begin watching the performance. Listening and watching actions and commands will work up to about 60 meters. After this the player will be forced to stop listening/watching. A player may use the radials for up to 32 meters.

The NGE Allows players to watch and listen to players from different groups simultaneously. It is unknown currently how this worked during pre-cu. Presumably a way to handle this would be to make it so that when the player watches one group, the player is simply healed based on whatever rates that the group's healing mods work for. Both groups would heal the player simultaneously at their normal values until the player reaches 0 wounds/bf.

Entertainers cannot listen/watch other entertainers while playing due to client command table restriction. However they can stop performing and listen/watch an entertainer in group, and then begin performing again (while remaining watching/listening). This does not seem to be a bug. This allows for entertainers to heal other entertainers in the same group.

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