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(Packet Breakdown)
(Packet Breakdown)
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[ASCII]                                      Name of the UI to open (flora resources)
[ASCII]                                      Name of the UI to open (flora resources)
[UINT64]                                    ID of the resource that will be shown in the window on opening.
[UINT64]                                    Survey Tool Id

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After the client has sent the radial use Packet to the server detailing the item and the selected radial option, the server responds to the client by sending a packet containing the names and types of the resources of a given resource type that are in the current spawn and the client opens up the survey UI.


 Client <-> Server Sequence: Survey UI


Packet Breakdown

Packet: ResourceListForSurveyMessage (Client <-- Server)
04 00                                        

D5 B1 64 8A                     	     OPCODE

[UINT32] counter      			     Resource Count

                                             Start of the resource section
    [ASCII]                                  Resource Name 

    [UINT64]                                 Resource ID

    [ASCII]                                  Resource type *corn_domesticated_tatooine*

[ASCII]                                      Name of the UI to open (flora resources)

[UINT64]                                     Survey Tool Id