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Build Notes Archive - Build 107

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Anhlogo small(22x28).jpg Build 107
Commit date Aug 11, 2007
Author tmr
Version 0.1.107
Update chronology
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Release Notes

network patch #1 do NOT USE for public testing has Client CTD

  • changed max_packet_size
  • fixed schematic information pulling - rouse
  • Fixed comp flag moved to envelope
  • fixed 03 had a over run bug
  • fixed frags not fully tested but assembly should be a little better
  • fixed fasttrack/09 compression/non-compression
  • fixed session packets (ones that don't need compression dont get it or if they dont need the flag they dont get it)
  • other minor fixes


  • CRASH to Desktop on one of the last ZONE in packets (either play9 or around there)
  • still a extra byte on if packet is not compressed because it would be larger then uncompressed
  • need more testing
  • 03 batch support
  • 09 19 multi support