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Build Notes Archive - Build 155

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Anhlogo small(22x28).jpg Build 155
Commit date Oct 22, 2007
Author HTX
Version 0.1.155
Update chronology
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ANH Build 154 ANH Build 155 ANH Build 156

Release Notes


  • added tables attributes, this hold the available keys along if its a server only attribute or not
  • added table object_attributes, links objects to attributes, the order field is only relevant to noninternal attributes, sets the send order
  • moved the bank planet to the banks table
  • removed travel information columns from travel_tickets table, those are now stored as attributes
  • replaced all item table ids with auto_increment values, needed for transaction safety
  • added on delete triggers to all object tables which may use attributes
  • rewrote all stored procedures and functions to be transactional/race condition safe and make use of the attributes table
  • redid the name generation(removed id column,linking to race by id,removed duplicates)


  • added attribute map support to objects and factories
  • lots of fixes and refactoring