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Build Notes Archive - Build 324

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Anhlogo small(22x28).jpg Build 324
Commit date Feb 04, 2008
Author schmunzel
Version 0.1.324
Update chronology
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ANH Build 323 ANH Build 324 ANH Build 325

Release Notes

  • several Bazaar DB changes
  • add sf_bidupdate to be able to properly edit commerce_bidhistory in case our bid was to low (not succesful) and to properly edit the high bid at the same Time
  • fixed sf_BidAuction.sql and modified commerce_bidhistory.sql so that more than one bid per auction are possible again
  • edited sf_CancelLiveAuction.sql to delete the commerce_bidhistory entries of deleted Auctions
  • Some rewriting of the Auctions code to make it clearer and to get rid of some ugly MYSQL Queries which might return invalid results
  • Fixed a typo on stopping to listen to musicians if you get out of range