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SWG NPCs - A CorSec investigator

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The Corellian Security Force, commonly abbreviated CorSec, was the primary police/law enforcement organization on Corellia. CorSec employed agents of many skills, including computer experts, technicians, commandos, security guards, diplomats and snipers. The agency was extremely efficient, and few criminals were able to operate for extended periods of time on Corellia before a CorSec agent would infiltrate the organization.

This NPC should not be confused with the target of Lasha Bindari's third mission on Corellia. Although that target has the same title, it is an NPC that spawns specifically for that mission. That NPC might have the same stats as this one.


A CorSec investigator

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A CorSec investigator

NPC Basics
Name A CorSec investigator
Planet Corellia
Type Npcs
Stype Humanoid
Social Group Corsec
Faction Corsec

Armor Rating None AR0
Acid EFF 0
Blast EFF 0
Cold EFF 0
Electricity EFF 0
Energy EFF 0
Heat EFF 0
Kinetic EFF 0
Lightsaber VUL 0
Stun EFF 0

NPC Offensive Stats
Level 15
To hit 31%
Damage 160-170
XP 831
HAM 2400-3000
Special 1
Special 2
Weapons Ranged Weapons

Aggro 0
Can't Be Harmed 0
Healer 0
Herd 0
Killer 0
Offers Missions 1
Pack 1
Stalker 0

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