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SWG NPCs - A bounty hunter

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Bounty hunters were mercenaries for hire who tracked down and captured or killed anyone with a price on their head, although they were also known for doing nearly anything for the right price including the protection of clients. The best bounty hunters were very well armed and had very effective weapons, making them even more dangerous. There were, however, plenty of incompetent specimens throughout the galaxy, lacking any real skill but wishing to get rich quickly or simply seeking adventure.


A bounty hunter

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A bounty hunter

NPC Basics
Name A bounty hunter
Planet All
Type Npcs
Stype Humanoid
Social Group Mercenary

Armor Rating None AR0
Acid VUL 0
Blast EFF 10
Cold EFF 10
Electricity EFF 10
Energy SP 20
Heat EFF 10
Kinetic SP 20
Lightsaber VUL 0
Stun VUL 0

NPC Offensive Stats
Level 24
To hit 35%
Damage 220-230
XP 2443
HAM 6300-7700
Special 1
Special 2
Weapons Pirate Weapons (heavy)

Aggro 0
Can't Be Harmed 0
Healer 0
Herd 0
Killer 1
Offers Missions 0
Pack 0
Stalker 0

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