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SWG NPCs - A force crystal hunter

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A Force crystal was a powerful Force-sensitive object. It is unknown what the full properties of these crystals were, whether they focused a Force-users connection to use the Force or augmented their Force powers.

Holocrons [3][8][12(x3)], A Rare Artifact [4][12], Gong Adhesive [5], +7 SEA's [9], a Locked Container [11][16(2)], a +13 Rifle Speed Clothing Attachment [15],

These NPCs are located in the Force Crystal Cave on Dantooine. [6][7]

On 7/19/2004, a player claimed that this NPC "used powers before they were bugged." [10]

A player stated that you can, "find Force Crystal Hunters usually to the west of the Imperial Outpost all along the left side of the map..." He also said, "you can usually find 2 of them huddling around the shrine right outside the Dantooine Mining Outpost." [11] Another one stated that 2 of these NPCs could be found at a "buried arch at 897, 1393" which is about 2000m from the Outpost. This is screenshot #152 of my POIs. [14]

A player claimed that this NPC never dropped crystals and said there was a debate about why an NPC with this name would not have them, but would drop Holocrons. [11]

A player stated that one of these NPCs used Force Lightning against him in battle. Another one claimed that they "wield lightsabres, do force-lightning and use force choke." [13]


A force crystal hunter (old stats)
A force crystal hunter (old stats)

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Dantooine This document relates to the Dantooine planet.

A force crystal hunter

NPC Basics
Name A force crystal hunter
Planet Dantooine
Type Npcs
Stype Humanoid
Social Group Remnants of Kun
Faction Remnants of Kun

Armor Rating Medium AR2
Acid SP 80
Blast SP 80
Cold SP 80
Electricity SP 80
Energy SP 80
Heat SP 80
Kinetic SP 80
Lightsaber VUL 0
Stun SP 80

NPC Offensive Stats
Level 115
To hit 100%
Damage 820-1350
XP 10921
HAM 24000-30000
Special 1 Force Lightning?
Special 2 Force Choke?
Weapons Mixed Force Weapons

Aggro 1
Can't Be Harmed 0
Healer 0
Herd 0
Killer 1
Offers Missions 0
Pack 1
Stalker 0
Loot 1

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