Aarakyd Probe Example 12 (Example)

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Probe Droid request received. Prepping capsule for launch. ETA 20 seconds.
14:35:33 Probe Droid Launched. Prepare for arrival in 5.
14:35:35 4
14:35:37 3
14:35:39 2
14:35:41 1
14:35:48 Probe Droid has landed and is awaiting biological signature programming.
14:35:56 Target data received. Commencing interplanetary search pattern. This may take a few minutes...
14:36:05 You have entered Kaadara.
14:37:28 Mission Target found by probe droid. Mission Waypoint updated.
14:37:28 Your target has been located on Tatooine.
14:37:42 Your probe droid lost track of your target.