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it has to be the Dx6..

The negative acc curve on the T21 coupled with the fact that the AP does not work due to them being vuln to energy makes both the T21 and the Laser rifle a bad tool for the job. Couple into that the Ham costs and it is a bad deal all around.. for a Compo wearing blue collar temp.. maybe.. but that accuracy is a a bugger to get past..

My T21 is 5.6 182-447 but it is only accurate something like, +12@48m , +49@ 64m.. +0 is like a -120 or something... AP3 tho..

Now in pvp I dropped my jawa and the T21 for a krayt Dx6.. due to the fact that I fight alot of elite and they all have stun coverage of like 80-90% (PSG's do not protect against acid,blast, or kinetic..

My Dx6 is like 4.1 230-580 .. the big thing tho is.. it is +98@50m with a -60 or 70 at +0..

Accuracy falls in a curve. from 0m- 50m the points are spread out.. take the T21..

160 skill accuracy + lets say, the optimum range for the T21, 64m.. is like 210 U both running, minus 50 off of that,.. move in closer and this is what happens. that 160 of your accuracy has to compete with the curve of the t21 from 64m to 0.. since u are moving, 64m is at +0. all u can do is go negative.. from +0 to -120, at 0m.. u are at -120 running point blank

at 10m u are shooting with about 55-60ish accuracy.. about the same accuracy as a master marksman. Neither moving.. the +0 mark on that T21 is like 43-46m

The Dx6 has a better spread .. 50m @ lets say 100acc.. both running.. minuses the 50, leaves us at +50 still.. gives us our 210 acc like above (but after the movement calc takes place) the curvr is 50m to 0m at -70..

basically at about 28m is the +0 mark for the Dx6 u are at a -20@0m with the Dx6

That Krayt T21 has had it's accuracy boosted.. the Dxb is Krayt also but was lessened +20 accuracy to cut down on Ham.. (I own a +122@50m dx6 but it is normal and not Krayt)

These calcs do not contain the targets half of the equasion either.. it is just thrown out there as an illustration to the point..

I just recently got into a scrap with a target that had good armor and was using a T21.. I used my Disruptor.. we both would stop and fire to maximise our hits,,.. I would literally walk in to 35m to rob him of his accuracy.. he relised it way too late.. he tried to back up.. but I would wait for him to stop in his range and just waltz right back to 35m all the while hitting about 30% more than he could due to my accuracy..

Standing still at 50m I still get +10 on my rifle with the target on the move.. no way u are going to get that with a T21 unless u are 64m, kneeled and