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  1. 1 Encounter Distance Stage: Less than 64 Meters
  1. 2 Initiative Stage: Real time System (RTS)

1. Fastest Mouse Clicker

2. Faster Computer. Measured in ns (nanoseconds) from Mouse to processor to NIC or modem. Should not matter unless you are really on a slow computer. Is this possible?

3. Faster Net Speed. Measured in ms (milliseconds). This should not matter unless Clicks were logged at same exact moment in time.

4. Faster Weapon. Measured in tenths of a second.

5. Faster Attack Maneuver. Measured in delay.

  1. 3 Chance to Hit Stage(A.K.A. Accuracy):

1. Variables

AccMod = Accuracy Modifiers based modifiers from Attachments and Skills.

DefMod = Defense Modifiers based on Ranged Defense or Melee Defense Attachments and Skills. This is primary defense.

AtkPosMod = Attackers Posture Modifiers based on Standing +0, Crouching +16, Prone +50, and Running -50

DefPosMod = Defenders Posture Modifiers based on Standing +0, Crouching -16 vs. ranged or +16 vs. melee, Prone -25 vs. Ranged or +25 vs. melee, Hmm, Running -25 Maybe

AtkStateMod = Attackers modifiers for being dizzy, stunned or blind. *

DefStateMod= Defenders modifiers for being dizzy, stunned, or blind. *

  • NOTE: Currently the numbers are not known at this time so I use -25 to Hit if Attacker has states applied and +25 if defender has states applied

RngAcc = Weapon Accuracy at a specified Range.

AimShot = Bonus from General Ranged Aiming Modifier

CovMod = Defense Modifiier for cover ability given to riflemen

AbilMod = Ability modifier depending on attack special ability chosen to perform**

    • NOTE: Currently these numbers are unknown

2. RngAcc Formula

@ Star Wars Wiki

RngAcc =

PointBlank(PB)Mod+[(Current-PB)/(Long-PB)] x (LongRangeMod – PBMod)

3. Current Formula from Star Wars Wiki



      • NOTE: I added cover modifiers into the formula where I felt they were appropriate
        • NOTE: I added Atk State Modifiers to this since it does seem to effect the to hit chance.

  1. 4 Secondary Defense Stage

% Chance to Dodge, Block, or Counterattack (Parry)

1. Type of 2nd defense depends on Weapon Held

a. Dodge: Pistols and Fencer Weapons

b. Block: Rifles and Pikemen Weapons

c. Parry: Carbines and Swordsmen Weapons

2. All characters start with 0.1% chance to dodge, block or parry

3. Each point of dodge, block, or parry adds 1% chance to perform these are increased by skills and attachments.

4. Dodge stacks with dodge, block stacks with block, and parry stacks with parry

  1. 5 Damage Determination Stage


DPS = Damage per Second

WepMin = Weapons minimum damage

WepMax = Weapons maximum damage

DamMod = Damage modifer based on special ability used

WepSpd = Speed of weapon

PlaySpd = Players Speed using type of weapon skills and skill. Each point is equal to 0.1 speed increase

Delay = Delay modifier of weapon used

2. Formulas

Speed= (WepSpd x Delay) x (100-PlaySpd)/100

Speed cannot be less than 1.0 seconds

DPS = [DamMod x (WepMin+WepMax)/2]/Speed

  1. 6 Damage Increase/Reduction Stage

Armor Piercing (AP) & Armor Factor


Not AP = 0

Light = 0.25 x DPS

Medium = 0.25 x DPS x 2

Heavy = 0.25 x DPS x 3

Light Armor Worn by Defender

Not AP = -(0.25 x DPS)

Light = 0

Medium = 0.25 x DPS

Heavy = 0.25 x DPS x 2

Medium Armor Worn by Defender

Not AP =-(0.25 x DPS x 2)

Light = -(0.25 x DPS)

Medium = 0

Heavy = 0.25 x DPS

Heavy Armor Worn by Defender

Not AP =-(0.25 x DPS x 3)

Light = -(0.25 x DPS x 2)

Medium = -(0.25 x DPS)

Heavy = 0

Damage Done this second = DPS + APArmorFactor

  1. 7 Armor Reduction Stage

Damage Applied to Armors Condition = Damage Done this second x % effectiveness for damage type

  1. 8 Applied Damage Stage

Damage Applied to Character = Damage Done this second – Damage Applied to Armor

The Specific HAM Bar that damage is applied is normally random unless the attacker uses a specific special ability

  1. 9 Damage Mitgation Stage

Total Damage Applied to Character =

Damage Applied to Character – (Damage Mitigation Point x 0.25 x Damage Applied)

  1. 10 Change of State Chance Stage

Stage that determines chance of chance of Bleeding, chance of Blind, chance of Delay, chance of Disease, chance of Dizzy, chance of Intimidate, chance of Knockdown, chance of Poison, and chance of Stun

These only take effects when certain special abilities are used

Chance = AtkStateMod-DefStateMod

The chance of applying state effects is determined by taking Attackers State Modifier +1% for each point of Skill in state effect or Skill Attachment minus Defenders defense versus state modifier the particular state effect -1% for each point of defenders skill or skill attachments

So Who has the advantage in each Step?

Step #1








Step #2

Mouse Speed and maneuver Speed Dependent

Step #3

Weapon +

Attackers Posture compared to Defenders Posture+

Attackers State compared to Defenders State+

Attackers Accuracy with weapon type compared to Defenders Defense Modifier versus weapon type

Elite Combat Professions in Accuracy Order




Bounty Hunter









Commando & Smuggler

Elite Combat Professions in Aiming Order



Bounty Hunter



Elite Combat Professions in Defense Order




Bounty Hunter











Step #4

Best Chance to get 2nd chance to avoid damage by professio

Pikeman with Pike Weapon equipped blocks

Fencers with Fence Weapon equipped & Pistoleers with Pistol equipped dodge

Carbineer with Carbine counters

Swordsman with sword counters

Rifleman with rifle blocks

TK Avoids

Step #5

Advantage goes to weapon with higher Armor Piercing Rating & DPS

Step #6

Advantage goes to Heavier Armor

Step #7

Advantage goes to Armor with highest protection versus the damage type

Step #8 None

Step #9

Character with higher mitigation toward the weapon type

Ranged Professions except smuggler reach +3 on ranged mitigation, Melee professions reach +3 on melee mitigation

Step #10

Dependent on special abilities of professions

So what does this tell me and maybe tell you?

That profession wise overall ability for ranged professions should be in the order of Riflemen, Bounty Hunter or Carbineer, Commando, Pistoleer, and then Smuggler. For melee professions the order should be Fencer, Teras Kasi, Pikemen, Swordmen, and then Commando & Smuggler.

Weapon speeds are normally in the order of TK, Fencer Weapons, Swords, Pikes for melee and Pistols, Carbines, Rifles, Heavy, Special Heavy and Grenades for ranged. Therefore to benefit by profession and weapon it would almost seem necessary to be a Carbineer or Bounty Hunter for ranged capability and a Teras Kasi or Fencer for melee ability.



Jo-vian Solaris of Ahazi

(Dirty Fighting Master Commndo, Bounty Hunter & Slicer)