Advanced Chemical Dispersion Mechanism (Schematic)

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Schematic - Advanced Chemical Dispersion Mechanism

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Name: Advanced Chemical Dispersion Mechanism
Data: This mechanism is responsible for a weapon's chemical dispersion. This is an advanced design and allows for a greater effect.
Complexity: 15
Required Tool: Requires Generic Crafting Tool
Schematic Data Size: 2
Granted XP: 50
Practice XP: 52
XP Type: Weapon Crafting
Crafting Tool Tab: Weapon
Item Category: Ranged Weapon Component
Skill Required: Master Firearms Crafting


Res steel.png
Sprayer-head and Chemical Feed-line Junction
Carbonate Steel 22
Res aluminum.png
Blast-pulse Emitter Nozzle
Link-steel Aluminum 10
Res petrochem inert.png
Environ-sealing Module Housing Gaskets
Polymer 5

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Experimental Properties

Experimental Damage
Maximum Damage
Heat Resistance 66%
Overall quality 33%
Minimum Damage
Heat Resistance 66%
Overall quality 33%
Experimental Durability
Unit Integrity
Overall quality 100%

Schematic Image 1 (Ingredients)


Schematic Image 2 (Attributes 1)


Schematic Image 3 (Attributes 2)


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Item Image 2


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