Advanced Dispersal Mechanism (Schematic)

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Schematic - Advanced Dispersal Mechanism

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Name: Advanced Dispersal Mechanism
Data: This advanced dispersal mechanism is more adept at discharging its chemical ingredients to the specified place.
Complexity: 15
Required Tool: Requires Generic Crafting Tool
Schematic Data Size: 2
Granted XP: 100
Practice XP: 105
XP Type: Medicine Crafting
Crafting Tool Tab: Chemical
Item Category: Chemistry Component
Skill Required: Advanced Combat Medicine Crafting


Res fuel petrochem liquid.png
Delivery Medium
Class 2 Liquid Petro Fuel 25
Res inorganic.png
Body Shell
Yavinian Fiberplast 25

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Experimental Properties

Experimental Charges
Decay Resistance 25%
Overall quality 75%
Effective Range
Decay Resistance 33%
Overall quality 66%
Experimental Effectiveness
Area Effect
Decay Resistance 33%
Overall quality 66%

Schematic Image 1 (Ingredients)

NOTE: Patch 4 led to Combat Medic items using Decay Resistance and Overall Quality for experimentation.


Schematic Image 2 (Attributes 1)


Schematic Image 3 (Attributes 2)


Item Image 1


Item Image 2


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