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Information taken from ThunderHearts Dev Cycle rebuttle:


Dizzy currently only works on NPCs and PCs. Using dizzy on any creature results in nothing more than than the icon appearing beside the creature's name. Is it intended that dizzy not work on creatures and is working as designed? If it is working correctly, what can we expect to make this ability useful against creatures?

Dizzy is meant for PC’s and NPC’s and not creatures. There is a slight effect, but it is minimal. This is definitely a topic we can discuss further in our upcoming Combat Balance focus threads.


Nova, were you able to determine if just asking for basic definitions of what the state effects do would any more acceptable as a question, without the internal mathematics revealed?

There are states, postures and modifiers. Some combat conditions, such as Knockdowns, are actually postures. The states and their simple descriptions are as follows:


Gives an attack bonus, it can be used up to three times to get the maximum bonus and lasts for three shots.


Increases attack modifiers and increases unarmed damage.


Lowers attack and defense modifiers.

Center of Being:

Adds to the chance that block, dodge or counter-attack will go off.


Allows a rifleman to attack a creature without it attacking them. A higher skill modifier improves this chance.


Adds the chance for the character to fall back down when attempting to stand.


Greatly lowers damage potential and slightly lowers defense modifiers.


Increases attack and defense modifiers.


Lowers attack modifier and slightly reduces damage potential.

Take Cover:

provides a bonus to defense.


Increases defense modifiers.


Adds a delay to the targets action queue.