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What is the range of /areatrack? At Novice, the range is 250m. Each level of Tracking increases the distance by 50m. Master provides an additional 50m, for a sum total of 500m. What items on the /examine window appear with each skill level?

Novice Scout: Aggressive, Stalker Hunting I: Tameable Hunting II: Hide Type, Meat Type Hunting III: Deathblows Hunting IV: Ferocity Master Scout: Difficulty Level Novice Ranger: nothing Tracking I: nothing Tracking II: Special Attack 1 Tracking III: Special Attack 2 Tracking IV: Base To-Hit Master Ranger: Damage Are there any websites that a player can use to look up resources?

SWG Craft provides up to date attributes on resources SWG Creatures provides an Advanced Search that allows users to look up which creatures carry which resource Both of these sites are updated by fellow players Why don’t I receive a waypoint when I select an item from the tracking list?

The developers decided that Tracking should be a challenge to the player, and did not provide a simple waypoint to follow Tracking does provide direction and distance in the higher skill levels which make it easier to locate the quarry Why do I only receive 1 unit of resource from creatures in caves?

Spawns that are guaranteed to always appear in the same location are easy targets for campers: players who sit in one place all day and kill the same creatures over and over again. Because of this, the developers made all the creatures at static spawn sites (i.e. caves) provide only one resource per kill, so a player could not easily rake in the resources from the same location over and over again.