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  • Tracking can NOT find what the server has not spawned yet. This means that you need to have been in the area long enough for a critter to spawn. Ex. You can not fly into an area on a speeder and jump off and track. The server takes a moment to recognize that you are there and will then spawn accordingly
  • Tracking can NOT force anything to spawn. Rangers can not make a critter appear out of thin air. We hope to have a /track command implemented that will grant us this ability (in a limited fashion).
  • A typical tracking routine is to set up a grid of waypionts and to serach at regular intervals based on that grid. Remember to wait a few seconds to track when you enter a new area, to allow the server to catch up with you. Other methods include having a group of people roaming around inside an area (this is generally called 'stirring up spawns') while the Ranger tracks within that area.
  • The radius of tracking is 500m which means we can track anything that is within 500m of us, that has spawned.
  • What does tracking look like to a Ranger? Well, when we issue the /areatrack command, we get a window that asks us to choose what we want to track (based on our skills); Animal, NPC, or PC. We select what we want to track and there is an animation. We then get a list of results, or a message saying there is nothing to track in the area. The list or results consists of a the MOB type; displayed as the full critter name including the baby tag if it is one, or the NPC name incliding it's type [such as Ophelia (a Nightsister Ranger)], or a Player's name (no title or faction affiliation is displayed) and a direction and distance, if we have the appropriate skill boxes trained. There is no waypoint to the target, so multiple tracks may be necessary.


  • There seems to be a 'hole' in traking that occurs around 100m from you. Often you can not track critters that are at this distance from you, even though you can see them.
  • Another bug is the terrain bug. Often, you can not track a critter that is above or below the elevation you are at. I would actually rate this bug as a 'rare occurrence.' Others see it as more common than I do.
  • To reiterate, if the server hasn't spawned something, you can't track it (ok, not a bug, but a very important thing to mention). Almost every Ranger has been in the following situation:

o Ranger: Nope, I didn't track anyhting o Peep: I am looking right at one!!!