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I started taking notes on creature knowledge from several ranger/scout toons I had at different levels. A novice ranger on TC, other scouts/rangers I’ve created on other servers in the past, and my main master ranger that I play on Kauri.

It's kind of an interesting list.. especially noteworthy is the fact that although we get creature knowledge bonuses at novice ranger and 0010, it doesn't provide any benefit.

Also, I’ve included survival XP amounts for ranger craftables. This info is already on, but I thought I might as well put it here since I’ve never seen it in a central location or in the ranger/scout forums – not to mention, it gave me something to do while sitting around in my camp and doing the survival tree for the 5th or so time.


Creature Knowledge Modifier LEVEL +Mod/Total (represents +Mod for that box/Total Creature Knowledge) Creature Information gained

NO SCOUT 0/0 Armor rating Vulnerabilities/resistances Combat Difficulty (star /consider rating) (Standard information available to all players when using /examine on a creature)

NOVICE +5/5 aggressive - yes/no stalker - yes/no

HUNTING 1 +5/10 tamable: yes/no

HUNTING 2 +10/20 Hide Type Meat Type

HUNTING 3 +10/30 Deathblows: yes/no

HUNTING 4 +10/40 Ferocity: (number level)

MASTER SCOUT +10/50 difficulty level: (number)

NOVICE RANGER +5/55 No new information gained

TRACKING 1 +5/60 No new information gained

TRACKING 2 +10/70 Special Attack 1 -- type

TRACKING 3 +10/80 Special Attack 2 -- type

TRACKING 4 +10/90 Base To-Hit: (number)

MASTER RANGER +10/100 Damage: (number)

Force Sensitive + MR +5/105 No new information gained Interesting note: The +5 FS creature knowledge mod only seems to be useful to someone with no scout skills, or with only the novice box – which would give that player “aggressive/stalker” and “tamable” info respectively. Otherwise, +5 doesn’t seem to boost you to the next level of creature knowledge.


Creature Harvesting Modifier Incremental bonuses to the harvesting mod as it increases to master ranger (150). This is not a percentile of what is harvested.


HUNTING 1 +5/20

HUNTING 2 +10/30

HUNTING 3 +5/35

HUNTING 4 +10/45



TRACKING 1 +5/60

TRACKING 2 +10/70

TRACKING 3 +10/80

TRACKING 4 +10/90

MASTER RANGER +60/150 Master ranger creature harvest skill was increased in Feb '05, from 100 to 150 skill, to balance new group harvest changes. The -40% penalty for creature harvesting while grouped was removed, and replaced with new rules for bonuses to harvesting while grouped.

Group Harvesting bonuses +20% increase in creature harvesting while grouped. +30% increase in creature harvesting while grouped with a Ranger. +40% increase in creature harvesting while grouped with a Master Ranger. NOTE: You must be within 64m of a group members to receive harvesting bonus.


Area Track Abilities /area track granted at novice ranger. Range is a fixed/max number of 500m and does not increase with skill.

Novice -- animals 0010 -- animals with compass direction 0020 -- animals & NPCs with compass direction 0030 -- animals & NPCs -- Compass direction and distance 0040 -- Animals, NPCs & Players -- Compass direction and distance Master ranger - No additional benefits to the tracking skill


Survival Crafting XP Survival XP granted for crafting various camps & traps


TRAPS Crafted/Practiced XP – Trap type Resources required

12 xp per Lecaphine dart & wire mesh trap 3 hide, 3 bone

16 xp Glow Juice 2bone,4organic,2organic

16 xp Sharp Bone Spur 4 bone,4hide

30/31 xp Noise Maker 10 hide, 5 bone

30/31 xp Stink Bomb 10 bone, 5 meat

40/42 xp Glow Wire 7 bone, 10 hide, 3 organic

40/42 xp Phecnacine Dart 7 bone, 10 hide, 3 metal

70/73 xp Adhesive Mesh 15 bone, 7 metal, 13 polymer

70/73 xp Flash Bomb 20 bone, 15 metal

90/94 xp Sonic Pulse 15 bone, 15 units, 15 metal


CAMPS Crafted/Practiced XP – Camp type Resources required

30/31 xp per basic camp kit 10 hide 5 bone

56/58 xp multiperson camp kit 20 hide 8 bone

84/88 xp Improved Camp Kit 30 Hide, 12 Bone

100/105 xp High Quality Camp Kit 30 hide, 15 bone, 5 metal

170/178 xp Field Base Kit 40 Hide, 25 bone, 20 metal

230/241 xp HTFB Kit 50 hide, 35 bone, 30 metal

NOTE: Camps can be used one level below the box that grants the crafting schematic. Using a camp at a skill level 2 or more boxes below that results in the message, "You lack the skill to deploy this camp".