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Ability - Avoid Scans

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Ability Breakdown & Details

Ever since the GCW meta game was introduced faction players are now always in one of three states, Special Forces (PvP enabled), Combatant (PvE enabled), or On Leave (to all intents and purposes neutral). Players that are On Leave can be scanned by NPC forces of opposing factions for contraband or to check if the player is of the enemy faction;and if discovered will have their status changed to that of Combatant and attacked.

Contraband consists of:

  • Rebel Faction Equipment
  • Spice
  • Sliced weapons and armor

Player items are not confiscated. “Crackdowns” occur in the wilderness from imperial probe droids and imperial troopers. “Shakedowns” look for covert rebels and occur in Planetary Cantinas (not player Cantinas)

Novice Smugglers with “underworld” abilities will have a 15% chance to evade faction and contraband scans plus an additional 15% for each skill box and Master Smugglers add another 20% for a total of 95%. Players in both the wilderness and cantinas may avoid shakedown searches if grouped with smugglers for the same bonuses. In order to receive the smuggler bonus from being grouped with the player the smuggler must be within range (35m).

Chance to evade Contraband and Faction scans

Novice Smuggler : 15%
Underworld I  : 15%
Underworld II  : 15%
Underworld III  : 15%
Underworld IV  : 15%
Master Smuggler : 20%

Ability Flow

Source References

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Ability HAM Costs

Modifier Value
Health Cost 0
Action Cost 0
Mind Cost 0
Force Cost 0

Ability Multipliers

Modifier Value
Health cost 0
Action cost 0
Mind cost 0
Force cost 0
Damage 0
Delay Time 0