Ballot Box Terminal (Schematic)

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Schematic - Ballot Box Terminal

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Name: Ballot Box Terminal

Data: Ballot Box Terminal

Complexity: 25

Required Tool: Structure and Furniture Crafting Tool and Structure and Furniture Crafting Station

Schematic Data Size: 1

Granted XP: 60

Practice XP: 63

XP Type: Structure Crafting

Crafting Tool Tab: Furniture

Item Category: Terminal

Skill Required: Furniture III: Advanced


Res mineral.png
Terminal Stand Mount
Mineral 8
Res inorganic.png
Terminal Stand Base
Chemical 4
Res metal.png
Basic Logic Unit
Metal 2
Res inorganic.png
Basic Data Unit
Chemical 6
Res steel.png
Electronics Casing
Steel 5
Res inorganic.png
Interface Pad
Chemical 5
Res copper.png
Power Unit
Copper 5

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Conductivity 100%

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