Basic Camos (Schematic)

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Schematic - Basic Camos

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Name: Basic Camos

Data: Pants, wearable by most species. Some pants can have protective traits, and careful examine will reveal any special protection abilities. To wear these pants, open your inventory and double click them.

Complexity: 25

Required Tool: Clothing and Armor Crafting Tool and Crafting Station

Schematic Data Size: 3

Granted XP: 80

Practice XP: 84

XP Type: Tailoring

Crafting Tool Tab: Clothing

Item Category: Pants

Skill Required: Field Wear II: Reinforced Fibers


Res hide.png
Outer Shell
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Res component.png
Bindings and Binding Hardware
Identical Metal Fasteners from a factory crate 2
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Colorized Cloth Panel
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