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I went to TC-Ahazi with some counterattack and ranged defense testing in mind.

My first template was Master Carbineer / BH Carbine IV / Swordsman 0040

This gave me +180 counterattack and +52 ranged defense. 
I heard rumors that the +125 cap on defenses was bugged so 
I wanted to try it out.

A rifleman buddy of mine fired off a series of 20 /strafeshot2
 from his ideal range. I counterattacked an average of 4-5 for 
every 20 shots and the rifleman never missed.

I wanted to see the effects of /tumbletostanding also so 
I had him shoot me 20 more times at ideal range. I only 
counterattacked 3 times this round and he did not miss once.

Lastly, with +180 counterattack I had the rifleman intimidate 
me and shoot me with 20 shots. I did not counterattack once while intimidated.

The second template was Master Carb / BH Carbine IV

This gave me +105 counterattack and +42 ranged defense.

The procedure was the same and out of 20 shots I counterattacked 
4 times and 0 counterattacks while intimidated.

The last template was a high ranged defense template. 
Master Carbineer / Master Marksman / Fencer 4440 / Rifle 0200

This gave me +131 ranged defense.

Once again the same shot strafe shots were fired at me from ideal range. 
The rifleman missed me an average of 4-5 shots out of 20 and I did 
not counterattack once.

I had him intimidate me and fire again. This time he only missed 
1 shot out of 20 while I was intimidated.

One purpose of this testing was to see whether or not going over the 
+125 cap for counterattack was worth it by spending skill points in
heavy swordsman. I can say that having +105 counterattack produced 
about the same results as having +180. One thing this testing could 
not prove was if going over the cap with SEAs would help, as I did 
not have any available on TC. If there is someone with this template
 that has had different experiences on a live server please post here.

The other purpose was to see what the effects of a high ranged 
defense were. The testing showed that a high ranged defense 
template produced a miss by the opponent as often as a high 
counterattack template produced a counterattack. Each occurred
 about 4-5 times per 20 shots. The interesting thing was that 
when I had the high ranged defense template, my counterattacking 
rate went down. It seems that the ranged defense kicked in when 
the counterattack would have, yet the counterattack was not given its turn.