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I'm a master pikeman; been one for about a week. I was curious what Center of Being does for a master pikeman. I didn't find anything to explain it in the FAQ, so I did a test. I hope some of you find this useful.

The relevant skill mods are:
+115 Block
+115 Polearm Center of Being Efficacy
+ 25 Ranged Defense

The test:

* I dueled a rifleman at 20m.
* He took 200 shots at me: 100 while center of being was on, 100 while center of being was off.
* No specials were used by him just autofire.
* Both of us were standing.
* I recorded misses and the damage numbers above my head. Later i checked the combat log to denote the hits as hits with or without counterattack.

Some other relevant assumptions:

* Counterattack in the combat log means block.
* Block means that damage from the hit is reduced 50%.


* CoB does nothing to make you harder to hit.
* CoB doubles your chances of executing a block. In fact, at master, you block almost every hit.


COB Miss without Counterattack with Counterattack
---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
On 18 1 81
Off 19 40 41

I don't know how much of the results are due to CoB, block, and ranged defense mods. I just know that in the combination described above these are the likely outcomes.