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Server Packet - ClientPermissionsMessage (E00730E5)

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SHORT Operand_Count
INT Opcode
BYTE Galaxy_Open_Flag
BYTE CharacterSlot_Open_Flag
BYTE Unlimited_CharCreation_Flag

Variable Descriptions

Opperand_Count = 4

Opcode = E00730E5

  • Galaxy_Open_Flag:
When this flag is set to 1, connection to the server as well as character creation are enabled
If 0:--> "Connection to Galaxy failed, please try again later." Is displayed.
  • CharacterSlot_Open_Flag:
When this flag is set to 1, the user has an available slot for character creation.
If set to 0, the following response is sent --> "Sorry, You're not allowed to create anymore character on this galaxy." Is displayed.

Note: Unlimited_CharCreation_Flag OVERRIDES this.

  • Unlimited_CharCreation_Flag:
When this flag is set to 1, Character creation is allowed regardless of slots available.
If 0, character creation access is based off the CharacterSlot_Open flag.


S→C This packet originates on the server.

100% This packet has been completely reversed.

Sample Packet

04 00         //Operand_Count
E5 30 07 E0   //Opcode ClientPermissionsMessage

01            //Galaxy_Open_Flag
01            //CharacterSlot_Open_Flag
00            //Unlimited_CharCreation_Flag

00 67 B8      //Comp flag, crc