Cloaked Dress (Schematic)

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Schematic - Cloaked Dress

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Name: Cloaked Dress

Data: A dress (only worn by females). A wide variety of dresses exist, many of the most exotic require skilled tailors to design. To wear this dress, double click its icon in your inventory view.

Complexity: 22

Required Tool: Clothing and Armor Crafting Tool and Crafting Station

Schematic Data Size: 4

Granted XP: 100

Practice XP: 105

XP Type: Tailoring

Crafting Tool Tab: Clothing

Item Category: Dress

Skill Required: Formal Wear II: Jewelry


Res hide.png
Trim and Binding
Hide 20
Res component.png
Extra Trim
Trim 1
Res metal.png
Metal 20
Res component.png
Skirt Material
Synthetic Cloth 1
Res component.png
Synthetic Cloth 1

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Experimental Properties

Schematic Image 1 (Ingredients)

Cloaked Dress - Schematic.jpg

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Schematic Image 3 (Attributes 2)


Item Image 1


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