Completequest (B8CDE364)

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Command - Completequest (B8CDE364)

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Variable Descriptions

Opperand_Count =

Opcode = B8CDE364


C→S This packet originates on the client.

0% This packet has not been reversed.
CQE This Command is part of the CommandQueueEnqueue.

Command This is a client command.

Sample Packets


"B8CDE364",7168,0,12,"-2095684920 "
"B8CDE364",7456,0,9,"46166632 "
"B8CDE364",7584,0,11,"-962329186 "
"B8CDE364",9952,0,12,"-1273234537 "
"B8CDE364",12576,0,11,"1795041358 "
"B8CDE364",15520,0,11,"-586505822 "
"B8CDE364",15680,0,12,"-1730227895 "