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System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
sys_conceal_start /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You are now concealed from view by complex camouflage. Example
sys_conceal_stop /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You are no longer concealed from view. Example
sys_conceal_othersclose /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You can't conceal yourself because you are too close to a potentially hostile creature or NPC. Message sent if player is currently in combat or has been detected by the creature/npc and attempting to use conceal. Example
sys_conceal_cant /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You can't conceal yourself in your current posture. Example
sys_conceal_noskill /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You don't have the proper skill required to conceal yourself. Message sent if the player attempts to use conceal without having trained the ability Example
sys_conceal_nokit /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You need to have a Camouflage Kit in your inventory to Conceal. Example
sys_conceal_remove /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You remove the camouflage. You are no longer concealed. Example
sys_conceal_scentmasked /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You can't Conceal while Scent Masked. Message a player receives if they attempt to use conceal while they have mask scent on Example
sys_conceal_notplayer /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You can only conceal yourself or another player. Message sent if the player attempts to use conceal while having an object, creature, npc or pet targeted. Example
sys_target_concealed /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string Your target is already concealed. Example
sys_conceal_apply /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You carefully apply the camouflage to %TT. Message sent when applying camouflage to a player Example
sys_conceal_delay /string/en/ skl_use.stf internal_command_string You must wait %DI seconds to mask your scent again. Example