Crafting Mastery (Game Mechanics)

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Game Documentation - Crafting Mastery Mechanics

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Crafting Mastery This document is related to the Crafting Mastery Profession.



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Skill Modifiers

Crafting Technique
Force Assembly
Force Experimentation
Force Repair Bonus

STF Format

These items derive their names from quest_item_n.stf and their descriptions come from quest_item_d.stf. However, from their .iff files, there is a reference called lookAtText that points to quest_item_l.stf that is not located anywhere in the client files. Likely, this file is supposed to be server side and may refer to the status of the item. The reference screenshots of crafted items show a status of "Not Calibrated." They are calibrated prior to use and this might be where the item gets that reference. Also, the item is originally looted from a terminal and seems to be inoperative (which is why it must be replaced.) You take it to a "Recursive Analyzer" which turns it into a schematic from which you can then craft a new item.

Ability List