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Game Documentation - Creature Handler Mechanics

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Creature Handler This document is related to the Creature Handler Profession.


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Skill Modifiers

Additional Pet
Max level of pets
Stored Pets
Taming Vicious Creatures
Taming Wild Creatures

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Ability List

Command CRC Ability Details %
emboldenpets 58F5818C Embolden Pets (Ability)
enragepets DEA1F466 Enrage Pets (Ability)
tame 03F6DC90 Tame (Ability)
Pet Command: Ranged Attack (Ability)
Pet Command: Special Attack One (Ability)
Pet Command: Special Attack Two (Ability)
Pet Command: Attack (Ability)
Pet Command: Follow (Ability)
Pet Command: Follow Other (Ability)
Pet Command: Formations (Ability)
Pet Command: Friend (Ability)
Pet Command: Group (Ability)
Pet Command: Guard (Ability)
Pet Command: Patrol (Ability)
Pet Command: Stay (Ability)
Pet Command: Store (Ability)
Pet Command: Transfer (Ability)
Pet Command: Trick1 (Ability)
Pet Command: Trick2 (Ability)
Train Mount (Ability)