CuiIoWin::Messages::CONTROL KEY UP

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Client Packet - CuiIoWin::Messages::CONTROL KEY UP (81573066)

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BYTE uint8
SHORT uint16
INT uint32
FLOAT uint32
LONG uint64
U_STRING Unicode String
C_STRING Customization String
B_STRING Byte String
{ } LIST Component
? Uncertain Values
?? Unknown Variable Name

Variable Descriptions

Opperand_Count = 9

Opcode = 81573066

  • This packet is used in the tutorial, its sent
    to server when the client moves to trigger
    the next part of the lesson. This is part of the first lesson.
  • --
  • ---
  • ----


C→S This packet originates on the client.

0% This packet has not been reversed.

Sample Packet

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