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Game Mechanics

Several events can occuring during a dna sampling attempt:

  • Player succeeds in getting a dna sample and nothing happens.
  • Player succeeds in getting a dna sample and the mob aggroes.
  • Player succeeds in getting a dna sample and the mob dies.
  • Player fails to get a sample and nothing happens.
  • Player fails to get a sample and the mob aggroes.

Note: Once an animal aggroes from dna sample the chance of it aggroing again is increased.

Note: If a creature dies while sampling, players CANNOT extract resources from it. The radial option is removed from slain sampled creatures.

Note: If a player's inventory is full when attempting to sample, the sample event will always fail.

DNA Sampling Success Rate

The events encountered while sampling work in some cases, in proportion to the player's DNA Sampling skill modifier value. The exact formula and mechanics for this are unknown but I will try to offer some input on what is known and then make proposals for the elements that have no supporting data.

There are 3 elements that are handled during a dna sampling:

  • Failure to obtain a sample
  • Chance of mob death due to a successful sample attempt
  • Chance of aggression due to the sample attempt (regardless of outcome)

The process:

The first check made is whether or not the sample attempt was a failure. This directly compares the target's Challenge level versus the player's dna sampling skill modifier. If the player passes this check and successfully samples, The next step is to check whether or not a successful sampling attempt results in the creature's death. The final step is determining whether or not the act of sampling itself (regardless of whether or not the player succeeds or fails) triggers an aggressive response by the creature being sampled. Each of these steps presumably has its own formula for calculating the result.

Formula: Failure to Obtain Sample

Note; There is no known formula for dna sampling failure rate however i propose the following which was modified and borrowed from songouki's attempts at creating one that more closely met his own observations:

This formula checks the chance for the player to fail a sampling attempt:

Chance of Failure = ( (Creature Level / DNA Harvesting Mod) + 0.10) x 100

Note: No matter what eventuality plays out, There is always at least a 10% chance to suceed or fail a sample event so long as the player stays within the target level cap range. There is also presumably, a hard level cap placed on dna sampling to which the player may not successfully sample creatures beyond. The cap is believe to be at level 75. Sampling a creature over challenge level 75 yields an automatic failure.

Formula: Chance of Mob Death

No known formula exists for this. This chance is presumably linked to player skill mod level.

The limited data supports a roughly 10% chance of the creature dieing during sampling at master bio engineer.

My proposal would be that we should have the chance of dieing to be a dice roll based system where the odds of causing a death to be decreased as the player advances in skill. As an example of the proposed system:

Skill Modifier Value Odds
15 1:2
30 1:3
45 1:4
60 1:5
75 1:6
100 1:10

Note: Pets have a unique feature in addition to this mechanic. When a player samples a pet deed, and fails to collect a sample, the pet deed will instantly be destroyed.

Formula: Chance of Mob Aggro

No known formula exists for this but i suggest making this a dice roll within the range of D6 to represent a 1 in 6 chance of the mob becoming aggressive on the player if they fail or succeed at a sampling attempt and where the creature is still alive. There was reportedly an increase in the chance for a creature to aggro a player if the creature had previously been turned aggressive by the player due to sampling.

I propose that the chance of re-aggression be set up in the manner that each subsequent aggressive action by the creature will increase the re-aggression chance when a player attempts a sample. The increased chances would occur something like this:

Aggression counter Odds of re-aggression
1st 1:3
2nd 1:2
3rd 1:1

This would make it so that if the player aggros the creature the first time, they will then have a 1:3 chance of re-aggroing it during a sample attempt. Each time they aggro the mob, the chance of causing aggression progressively increases to the point that by the third time, the mob will always aggro the player after a sample attempt.

The limited data supports a base aggression chance of around 16-17%.

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