Dancing Mind Enhancement (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Dancing Mind Enhancement

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This skill mod determines how effective you are at healing the Mind injuries of players that are watching you dance.

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Skill Mod Details

Mind Buffing Basics

Mind buffing may seem confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Any entertainer who has reached at least novice in the Dancer Profession or Musician Profession may administer mind buffs. The strength of the buff depends on advancement in the Technique line of either profession.

There are two different types of mind buffs. One buff is to the mind pool, the second buff is to focus and willpower. Dancers are responsible for the mind pool and musicians are responsible for focus and willpower. Neither buff is really “better” than the other overall, it is really situational which is preferred.

In addition to two different types of mind buffs, there are also two ways of administering mind buffs. They can be applied actively to a single target, or passively to everyone grouped with the entertainer. Aside from being grouped or not and how many can be buffed at once, there is no difference in how the buff is applied.

Steps for the person being buffed

Before starting the buff, it is best to make sure that the recipient is not watching or listening to anyone. This is just a precaution to make sure things work right. The recipient should then start watching or listening to the entertainer as appropriate, and watch or listen to nobody else until the buff is complete. A minimum of two minutes watching or listening is required. That two minutes does not necessarily have to be while the entertainer is buffing, so it is a good idea to start listening first.

Once the buff is finished, it is not applied until the recipient walks away, or stops watching or listening with either the radial menu or the /stopwatch or /stoplisten command.

Steps for the entertainer

When buffing, an entertainer has two options. They can perform for the recipient with the /setperform Entertainer Command, or they can invite them to the group. If the recipient is invited to the group nothing else is required from the entertainer for them to be buffed. An entertainer can be buffing group members and a target at the same time.

Once the recipient is watching or listening to the entertainer, the entertainer performs for anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes. The more active the entertainer performs, the quicker the buff will be applied and the longer it will last.

How much will the buff be?

Unlike doctor buffs, entertainer buffs are based on a percentage of the recipients base stats. The entertainers musical or dancing mind enhancement determines the percentage. A Master Dancer will have 100 dancing mind enhancement, and a Master Musician will have 100 musical mind enhancement. There are also skill enhancing attachments (Sometimes called SEAs or skill tapes) which can give a boost to mind enhancement. Multiples of these can be put on different pieces of clothing (One per article of clothing) up to a bonus of +25. Higher will show in the skills, but the buff will be unaffected. Bio-engineers, unfortunately, can do nothing to help mind buffs.

Some flourishing is required to get a full strength mind buff, however 4–12 flourishes (Depending on what dance or music is being performed) is enough for even a master with all the enhancements their clothes will fit.

How long will the buff last?

Mind buffs can last anywhere from 1 minute to 2 hours. The duration of the mind buff depends on two things. How long the entertainer performed, and how much they flourished. Every 10 seconds performing is 1 minute extra duration, and every flourish is 1 minute extra duration. Flourishes are counted even if the entertainer never performs them (Stops before they come up for musicians, or flourish during another flourish for dancers). For those doing the math, this means the minimum amount of time needed for a full 2 hour buff is 3 minutes 20 seconds, assuming flourishing as fast as the game allows (5 flourishes every 10 seconds).

How will I know when it's been long enough?

There are several game utilities you can use to notify yourself when the buff is done. Generally a buff will take 3 minutes 20 seconds if you are over-flourishing, or closer to 8–10 minutes if you are doing normal performing and flourishing as you need it for your performance.

3 minutes 20 seconds is 200 seconds, 10 minutes is 600 seconds.

Alarms You can create alarms with the /alarmAddIn command. Usage is /alarmAddIn hours minutes message. Once you set an alarm, after it expires it will display the message and play a sound for you. You can use /alarm to list alarms and /alarmRemove to remove alarms, for example if someone gets impatient and leaves early.

Example: /alarmAddIn 0 10 \#ff0000It's been 10 minutes

/pause In addition to alarms, you can also set a /pause command running. This must be used together with another command, with a ; in between. Most commonly used in macros or aliases. The usage is /pause seconds.

Examples: /pause 600;/tell yourname \#FF0000It's been 10 minutes /pause 600;/echo \#FF0000It's been 10 minutes /pause 600;/groupsay It's been 10 minutes, your mind buff is done

What should an entertainer charge for a buff? Some people will do buffs for Tips. Others have a set fee they charge up front. The range seems to be anywhere from 2k to 10k. So if you are tipping for a buff, keep that in mind.

If you want to really make money like this, you can setup a group where you invite people as they pay, then let them know when they are finished. To keep track of everyone, you can do something like this..

/alias buffInvite /invite;/ttell Join my group for a buff. I'll let you know when you are done;/pause 600;/g Your buff is done

Then when Luke comes along for a buff, you target him and type /buffInvite Luke. Half way through the buff, his friend Leia comes along for a buff, you would target her and type /buffInvite Leia.

Analysis of mind buffs

If you are just interested in what is needed for a buff to be applied, you're done. The rest of this is dealing with the details of how the system works.

The basics...

It's very simple. There are two things that add to a buff. Every xp “tick”, and a flourish. Each of these events adds to both the time, and size of the buff.

Making a buff last...

Buffs are a minimum of 10 seconds. From there it's minutes at a time. Every flourish, and every xp tick adds 1 minute to the buff. So if there were not a 5 flourish limit, 120 flourishes would be 2 hours. Since there is a 5 flourish limit, that means at most you can add 6 minutes every 10 seconds. (5 for a flourish, 1 for the xp tick)

Making a buff bigger...

This is where what you are playing/dancing makes a difference. Again, every flourish and xp tick add to the buff.. But what they add is different. The base amount they add is based on the level of what you are performing, or what instrument you are playing. Specifically:

% per tick
% per flourish

Basic, rhythmic (Novice Entertainer)
Starwars 1, slitherhorn (Novice Entertainer)

Basic 2, Rhythmic 2?, Footloose
Fizzz, Fanfar, Rock, Starwars 2, Folk

Kloo Horn, Starwars 3

Popular, Poplock, Popular 2, Poplock 2?
Traz, Ballad, Bandfill

Lyrical, Exotic, Exotic 2?
Chidinkalu Horn, Ommni Box, Waltz, Jazz

Lyrical 2?, Exotic 3?, Exotic 4 (Master Dancer)
Nalargon, Virtuoso (Master Musician)

Now a little explanation on how that works... That is the base gain. The xp tick always adds that amount to the buff. A flourish, however, adds 5x that to the buff. So a flourish of basic adds 10%, while a flourish of virtuoso or exotic3 adds 35%. So, while the level of the performance DOES effect the gain.. 10 flourishes and even basic is 100%.

Experience from buffing...

Buffing gives experience. Entertainer healing experience, in fact. Healing xp shows up as the last of 3 lines of healing xp each tick. But where does it come from? Every % buffed by the xp tick gives 1xp. So, if you look at that chart above and replace % with xp, that is how much xp you get per tick, up until your max. The max, of course, being your mind enhancement skill. Thus, if an unenhanced master is dancing exotic, and flourishes once early on, they will get 35% from the flourish, and 65% from the xp tick, so they will give the group 65 healing xp. If you get to 100% before one tick, you get no xp at all, as the xp tick isn't buffing any percentage.

On the 2 minute minimum...

The only effect the two minute minimum has is exactly that, a two minute minimum for the buff to take effect. It doesn't matter if they started watching/listening before being buffed, nor does it matter if you are performing for the entire 2 minutes. They can start watching/listening, then you stop performing, then 2 minutes later start again, and you could grant them a tiny buff nearly right away. Other than that, the minimum has no effect on the buff.

Getting the best buff

So basically for the best buff, you need to do 120 flourishes or xp ticks. So every 10 seconds you spend buffing is one less flourish you need to do. Thus, the minimum is 3 minutes, 20 seconds.. That is 20 xp ticks for 20 minutes, and 100 flourishes for the other hour 40 minutes.

If I wanted to do math I wouldn't have a computer. What does this all mean? Well, to get the best buff, how long depends on how often you flourish... Based on the interval between flourishes...

2 seconds or less: 3 minutes 20 seconds
4 seconds: 5 minutes 42 seconds
5 seconds: 6 minutes 40 seconds
6 seconds: 7 minutes 30 seconds
8 seconds: 8 minutes 53 seconds
10 seconds: 10 minutes
15 seconds: 12 minutes
20 seconds: 13 minutes 20 seconds
30 seconds: 15 minutes
never: 20 minutes

If you want to figure it out yourself, the formula based on Pause length and Time for the total buff is:

Time and Pause are in seconds.

10*Time Pause = ----------- 1200 – Time

1200*Pause Time = ---------- Pause + 10


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