Deed for: Personal Natural Gas Processor (Schematic)

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Schematic - Deed for: Personal Natural Gas Processor

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Name: Deed for: Personal Natural Gas Processor

Data: A deed for a gas harvester installation.

Complexity: 18

Required Tool: Requires Specialized Crafting Tool

Schematic Data Size: 10

Granted XP: 425

Practice XP: 446

XP Type: General Crafting

Crafting Tool Tab: Installation

Item Category: Installation Deed

Skill Required: Engineering IV: Complex Design


Res metal.png
Load-bearing Frame
Metal 110
Res steel.png
Body Shell and Casing
Steel 60
Res ore.png
Structure Foundation
Low-Grade Ore 50
Res metal nonferrous.png
Bore Mechanism
Non-Ferrous Metal 15
Res aluminum.png
Ore Storage Tank
Aluminum 15

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Experimental Properties

Experimental Efficiency
Extraction Rate
Heat Resistance 25%
Shock Resistance 25%
Unit Toughness 50%
Experimental Storage
Hopper Size
Malleability 33%
Unit Toughness 66%

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