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Cradled in the arms of Corellia's northern Nomad Mountains rests Doaba Guerfel, a quaint mountain resort with a slow pace and peaceful history. The site was originally a private resort, complete with a hunting lodge, small hotel, and raucous cantina. The limited membership included Corellia's wealthiest families, as well as many powerful Republic senators. The resort, which was simply known as Nomad's Retreat, eventually fell under sharp criticism for it elitism. Over the course of several decades, Nomad's Retreat gradually expenaded its membership and eventually became a public resort about four hundred years before the start of the Galactic Civil War.

For nearly a century, Nomad's Retreat was a seasonal resort town, with attendance ebbing and flowing as weather changed. To provide staff with semi-permanent home, the proprietors and investors of the retreat funded construction of a village only a few kilometers from the resort. The village, which took on the name Doaba Guerfel, was populated for only about half of each standard year with a variety of resort staff, ranging from cooks and cleaning crew to hunting guides and airspeeder pilots.

During the past three hundred years, Doaba Guerfel has continued to grow, eventually merging with the original resort. Nomad's Retreat no longer exists as an independent entity, and Doaba Guerfel has become Corellia's finest mountain resort city. Like many other tourist destinations, Doaba Guerfel strives to remain a placid, safe escape from the rest of the galaxy. The city is far removed from galactic politics and has rigorously resisted both Imperial and Rebel incursions.

Due to the city's proximity to pristine forests and wilderness, the citizens of Doaba Guerfel are active environmentalists. The town spends millions of credits each year on preservation and restoration projects in the hopes of protecting Corellia's native flora and fauna, but perhaps more significant is Doaba Guerfel's reputation for wild revelry. Nights in Doaba Guerfel are filled with sounds of music and celebration, and the town annually consumes more Corellian Ale than all of the neighboring cities combined.

City Info

Doaba Guerfel
City Data
CityName: Doaba Guerfel
Region: Nomad Mountains
Waypoint: 3078, 5252

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City Maps

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NPC & Facilities Lists


Type Waypoint
Architect Trainer 3097, 5293
Architect Trainer 3077, 5270
Armorsmith Trainer 3127, 5291
Artisan Trainer 3195, 4967
Artisan Trainer 3160, 5042
Artisan Trainer 3311, 5530
Brawler Trainer 3334, 5517
Brawler Trainer 3216, 5239
Chef Trainer 3070, 5260
Combat Medic Trainer 3274, 5415
Creature Handler Trainer 3162, 5191
Dancer Trainer 3447, 5422
Doctor Trainer 3275, 5406
Droid Engineer Trainer 3118, 5302
Entertainer Trainer 3460, 5405
Entertainer Trainer 3305, 5526
Image Designer Trainer 3470, 5435
Marksman Trainer 3213, 5250
Marksman Trainer 3338, 5516
Medic Trainer 3341, 5516
Merchant Trainer 3105, 5275
Musician Trainer 3442, 5413
One-handed Sword Trainer 3284, 5406
Scout Trainer 3199, 5232
Scout Trainer 3333, 5510
Tailor Trainer 3077, 5251
Weaponsmith Trainer 3113, 5293


Type Waypoint
Artisan Mission Terminal 3174, 4995
Artisan Mission Terminal 3188, 4985
Bank 3091, 5012
Bank Terminal 3200, 5400
Bazaar Terminal 3088, 5011
Bazaar Terminal 3200, 5400
Bounty Hunter Mission Terminal 3166, 5338
Clothing and Armor Crafting Station 3148, 5042
Clothing and Armor Crafting Station 3126, 5285
Entertainer Mission Terminal 3199, 4984
Entertainer Mission Terminal 3390, 5473
Explorer Mission Terminal 3199, 4974
Food and Chemical Crafting Station 3170, 5042
Mission Terminal 3189, 4975
Structure and Furniture Crafting Station 3098, 5287
Weapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting Station 3118, 5296


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