DraftSlotsQueryResponse (000001BF)

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Object Controller - DraftSlotsQueryResponse (000001BF)

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INT Resource Weight ID
INT Schematic CRC
INT Schematic Complexity
INT Schematic Datapad Size
BYTE Schematic Type
INT Schematic Slot Count

<slots count=slots count>

A_STRING Path to String
INT always int32(0)
A_STRING Slot Name
BYTE Flag if Optional(0 default 1 optional)
INT Slot 1
<slot resources count=previous int?>
A_STRING Path to String
INT always int32(0)
A_STRING String Name
U_STRING resource name or subcomponent iff
BYTE Slot Type
INT Required Resource Amount
INT16 Only used on type 2 will be an extra int16(0) if other type this doesnt even exist
<slot resources/>
A_STRING {{unknown -> this string In my view doesnt exits Sch}}


Variable Descriptions

controllerID = 000001BF

  • Schematic Type: 00 = looted or limited use and 01 = is standard schematics
  • Slot Type:
Value Type
4 Resources
2 Identical
5 Similar Components


OCM This header is part of the ObjControllerMessage.

75% This packet has been partially reversed.