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Server Packet - ErrorMessage (B5ABF91A)

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SHORT Operand_Count
INT Opcode
A_STRING Error_Type
A_STRING Error_Message
BOOL Force_Fatal

Variable Descriptions

Opperand_Count = 3

Opcode = B5ABF91A

  • Ascii display is as follows:
Force_Fatal will crash the client and produce a crash report with the error message
in the log if set to TRUE (not 00, or 01) if false (00), it will just display the
message in game with a UI popup that has an "Ok" Button.


S→C This packet originates on the server.

100% This packet has been completely reversed.

Aditional Notes

  • Use this to say your password sucks. Nubs =D <3 Xeno

Sample Packet

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