Force Defense (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Force Defense

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This skill mod affects your ability to defend yourself from Force attacks.

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Skill Mod Details

Force Defense Determines how difficult you are to hit with Force Power attacks.

Directly correlates to an opponent’s accuracy when determining successful hits. Note that it only works against Force Power attacks. Unknown if the Stun status effect has any affect on Force Defense.

This ability reduces the accuracy of force attacks against the player and also has the effect of reducing the damage done if a state is applied. No formula was devised but it could works as follows:

forceDamageReceived = forceAttackDamage x ( 0.5 x ( ForceDefenseMod / 100 ) )

ChancetoHit = multiplier1 x ( forceAttackersAccuracyMod / 100 ) - ( multiplier2 x (defendersForceDefenseMod / 100 ) ) ) )

This makes it so a master defender has a chance to greatly reduce the accuracy of this attack. We could perhaps tweak it to set the defender multiplier if this is too much, although I suppose it would defeat the purpose of having defender if it did not significantly affect the accuracy/damage of force attacks by master level, although there is also the issue with dabblers taking up the defense line and being almost as powerful as a master.


1. needs a formula to show how this affects chance to be hit by the force powers.


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