GenericIntResponse (0000010C)

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Object Controller - GenericIntResponse (0000010C)

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INT unknown 00 00 01 07
INT Error ID
BYTE update counter (bt)

Variable Descriptions

controllerID = 0000010C

this message is send as final Packet to confirm that the slot has been filled. When send, the client stops displaying the slotload animation of the updated slot and shows the current slotconfiguration as altered in the MSCO7 delta. When the Error message Int is zero, no error message is displayed. For values greater than zero, the client displays error messages.

  • Error_ID:
ID Text
1 Internal server error no owner for player.
2 Cannot add ingredient : not in crafting assembly stage.
3 Cannot customize item: not in crafting customization stage.
4 Internal server error no draft schematic found.
5 Internal server error no crafting tool found.
6 Internal server error no manufacturing schematic found.
7 Invalid slot chosen.
8 Invalid slot option chosen.
9 Onternal server error invalid ingredient size or slot.
10 The slot you are trying to fill is already full.
11 Internal server error invalid ingredient.
12 The ingredient is not in your inventory.
13 Internal server error cant remove resource from crate.
14 Bad resource chosen for slot You should not be able to put that resource here.
15 Your component is to damaged to be useable for crafting.
16 Internal server error cant transfer component.
17 Bad component chosen for slot You should not be able to put that resource here.
18 Internal server error cannot find player inventory.
19 Internal server error bad target container.
20 The slot you are trying to empty is already empty.
21 Internal server error cannot create resource container.
22 Error trying to assemble object with empty slot.
23 Error trying to assemble object with partially full slot.
24 Internal server error no test prototype for assembly found.
25 You have named your object a reserved word. Please try another.
26 Schematic cannot be used to craft an item. It is for informational purposes only.
27 Failed to transfer resources to the crafting station.


OCM This header is part of the ObjControllerMessage.

75% This packet has been partially reversed.