Group Ranged Defense (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Group Ranged Defense

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The group ranged defense skill mod grants everyone in the Squad Leader's party the ability to defend against ranged attacks more effectively.

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Skill Mod Details

Group ranged defense works in the same manner that ranged defense does. Group ranged defense, like other squad leader passive abilities, stacks with the effects from similar mods. Group ranged defense stacks on top of ranged defense, and allows the player to go beyond the 125 (or 150 with skill tapes/modded clothing/items) cap on defenses. So if a player with 150 ranged defense is grouped with a master squad leader, they now have a total of 180 ranged defense.

The passive modifier effect can be applied to the group so long as they are grouped with the squad leader. The squad leader doesn't have to be on the same planet as members of the group for the group to gain the benefits.

Note: Several squad leader passive abilities apply their effects without the squad leader even needing to be on the same planet. This range seems a bit excessive or exploitative, and probably should be limited to something along the lines of normal group range of 200 meters. It seems unlikely that these abilities were intended to be used galaxywide.



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