Group Terrain Negotiation (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Group Terrain Negotiation

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This skill mod determines how fast members of a Squad Leader's group can move through sloped terrain conditions. The higher the number, the easier group members can move over hills.

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Skill Mod Details

Group Terrain Negotiation adds up to 60 points to all groupmate's personal Terrain Negotiation (which is how fast they can run up/down hills and crawl speed). Terrain Negotiation is capped at +100 and the first 1-50 increases movement over hill/mountain speed and the 51-100 range increases crawl speed. The only people that get their own terrain negotiation skills are Scouts (+50) and Rangers (+50). +60 Group TN makes all non scouts roughly as fast as Novice Rangers.

The main value in this skill is that it allows non-scouts (generally medical personal) to travel with your group at the same speed as the scouts. Like other passive squad leader abilities, this modifier will stack with similar mods. Group terrain negotiation will thus stack with scout/ranger terrain negotiation, although past 100 skill, this has no further effect on hill speed nor crawling.

The passive modifier effect can be applied to the group so long as they are grouped with the squad leader. The squad leader doesn't have to be on the same planet as members of the group for the group to gain the benefits.

Note: Several squad leader passive abilities apply their effects without the squad leader even needing to be on the same planet. This range seems a bit excessive or exploitative, and probably should be limited to something along the lines of normal group range of 200 meters. It seems unlikely that these abilities were intended to be used galaxywide.



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