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Skill Modifier - Hiring

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As your hiring skill mod increases, the variety of vendors you can place improves. A high hiring skill mod gives the player access to new types of terminal, droid, and NPC vendors.

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Skill Mod Details

General Overview

Hiring skill allows a player to begin placing vendors. As the hiring skill mod increases, the player is allowed to have more types of vendors and greater customization features for them.

Vendor Types Allowed

Below are the types of vendors gained when a player reaches a particular hiring mod value.

  • Hiring +10: Terminal - Bulky
  • Hiring +20: Droid - Robo Bartender
  • Hiring +30: Terminal - Standard; NPC
  • Hiring +50: Terminal - Small; Droid - EG-6 Power Droid;
  • Hiring +60: Droid - WED Treadwell Droid
  • Hiring +75: Terminal - Fancy
  • Hiring +90: Terminal - Slim; Droid - 2-1B Surgical Droid
  • Hiring +100: Droid - Protocol Droid

Vendor Customization Options Allowed

Below are the types of vendor customization options allowed when a player reaches a particular hiring mod value.

  • Hiring +10:
  • Hiring +20:
  • Hiring +30: NPC - Random Player Race, Random Gender
  • Hiring +50: NPC - Bothan, Human, Mon Cal, Rodian, Trandoshan, Twi'lek, Wookiee and Zabrek
  • Hiring +60: Droid - WED Treadwell; NPC - Aqualish, Bith,Devaronian, Gran, Ishi Tib,Ithorian, Nikto,Quarren,Sullustan, and Weequay
  • Hiring +75:
  • Hiring +90: NPC - Customize Uniform
  • Hiring +100:

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